Sunday, February 21, 2010


What is product diversion. This is when professional products are sold in "Unauthorized" places and the products were not purchased from the company or distributors of the company. It is second party selling to a third party and not sanctioned by the professional company. Salon professional products outside of a salon are "diverted ".  Places where you will find diverted lines are grocery stores, drug stores and superstores to name a few. Anywhere that is not a salon or spa. This is illegal. These products are "Salon only" products.
Now as a consumer what does this mean to you? Professional hair product and skin product companies such as Redken, Paul Mitchell, L'oreal, Sebastian, Rusk, BioElements Rx Systems etc. are companies solely dedicated to the science, chemistry and development of their product lines in this field and this field only. They are specifically dedicated.  They are not diversified as most, if not all ,of  the over the counter lines.
These companies work only with the professional stylists and Estheticians and they are diligent in their education and training of all of the Salons and Spas education that carry their products. Ergo why they are professional lines.

With professional lines the trained stylist and/or Esthetician will recommend the right shampoo, conditioning treatment, styling products, finishing product and skin care product that is just right for you. We also inform you on the proper usage and how often to use that product. We know all of the ingredients in the lines we carry and what those ingredients will do. So we have the knowledge to recommend the exact product for YOU.  Also, your professional products  are warrentied by the manufacturer up to 30 days of purchase when purchased through the professional salon and spa.

Diverted products "third Party" products can be out of date in their code, discontinued product, water down products or just not the same product at all. Basically "Buyer Beware". There is no warranty by any manufacturer for these diverted products. You could be wasting your money by buying the wrong product for your hair or skin. Also, many times they are even more money than in a salon and spa . With the wrong shampoo and conditioning treatment or styling products you could actually create unfavorable results in the look , the feel and manageablity of your hair. Improper styling products for your particular look can result in not being able to get the look you want. And with your skin, the wrong products can give you break outs, rashes, poor results or outcome, dry skin or too oily of skin.
 author; Claudia

To find out more on this subject go to  You Tube "Anti-Diversion Investigative Video May 2009".